The Villa Accommodation
(2 Master Suites - - see floor plan at bottom of this page -- with Wi-Fi)
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Villa Entrance

Villa entrance is just 14 steps from the parking lot (the photographer was standing in one of your 2 parking spaces)). Kitchen is just inside to the left (that is the kitchen window under the steps), so moving groceries, luggage and other stuff in/out is easy and quick.

When you turn around (behind the photographer), the first tee and fairway are right across the street with only a few trees to barely obstruct the view.

As a 100% ground floor home, this Villa is easily "wheeled-systems" and/or walker assisted accessible. However, this Villa is NOT specifically outfitted to be "handicap accessible." Also note, the landscaping is beautifully natural and wooded -- nearby waterways are not fenced/protected -- there is NO safe place for children to play.

(NOTE: address on door was changed in photo for security.)
Entrance Foyer

Looking at the front door from within the Villa there is a large coat closet on the left as well as an HVAC closet where brooms, vacuum cleaner, and other cleaning tools are kept.


This is well appointed kitchen with ALL NEW Stainless Steel major appliances. Many of the smaller appliances (some new) such as coffee pot, mixer, toaster, electric grill (used outside on the back porch since charcoal and propane grills are against the rules here), are new or refurbished .

The Villa also has all new (upgraded in June) glassware, cooking tools, stainless-steel pots/pans and 2 sets of eating utensils. If you plan to cook there, then you will love the way it is equipped; however with all the local, yummy restaurants (over 2000 of them) competing for your busienss, we do very little of that.

Behind the photographer is a large closet and pantry with a powerful vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies, mop, brooms, dustpan, ironing board w/ new cover and new iron, a recycle bin and various other domestic tools & supplies. It's also a great place to store your golf bags.


Kitchen -- this view is from entrance hall just inside the front door.

Kitchen -- this view is from the dining area, through the kitchen pass through (really handy feature is used a lot). Note: a wall phone (one of 4 phones in the Villa) sits on the wall at the pass through (just out of view to the left in this photo), so it is easily accessible from both sides.

Notice the deep counter tops and plentiful cabinet & drawer space. This is the perfect accommodation for a long-term rental.

All new, top of the line, stainless steel appliances were installed in May 2016.
Kitchen -- this view is from the dining area.

Living Room
Living Room

Living room/area is spacious, well lit (this end unit has two windows on the side wall as well as the large, extended double glass doors ).

Entertainment An entertainment center features a large, 50", cable-connected, HDTV, wireless Internet connected Blue-Ray/CD player along with a VCR and portable CD boom box. This system can play movies and music from the wireless internet provided in the Villa.
Living Room
Golf Course Views

View from the Living Room is simply gorgeous. It faces East, so the rising sun shines right into the living room while the setting sun illuminates everything outside with a warm, golden glow off the trees across the driving range.

See the Back Porch description (below) for more on these tranquil views.

The living and dining areas, both feature high ceilings which lends an even larger feel to the space.
Dining Area

Bright Dining Area sits between the kitchen and living room.

The large pass through to the kitchen is soooo very handy and much appreciated (almost like an "eat-in" kitchen).
Living Room
Master Bed Room
Two Master Bed Rooms Suites

The spacious Master Bed Room Suite (one of two in this Villa) has one NEW queen-size pillow-top bed and one full-size bed, with two large windows and high ceilings and an en suite bath AREA (two sinks and shower/Tub room). The window views are the same beautiful golf course vistas as the Living Room. This room features a small sitting area with recliner-rocker and a 28" cable-connected flat screen TV.
Master #1 En Suite Bath and Powder Room.

This en suite area features twin sinks, lots of counter & drawer space, a special magnifying makeup mirror and lights, hair dryer and a separate shower/tub/commode room which vents the moisture outside.

PHOTO: The door in the mirror, behind the flowers, leads to the bathtub, shower and commode room.

Master  Bath Vanity
Second Bedroom
2nd Master Suite

The 2nd Bed Room Suite is of similar size, and configuration (1 NEW queen pillow-top and 1 full size bed, a spacious en suite bath, two windows, high ceilings, etc.) as the Master Suite. The main differences are that there is no powder room separation, and no sitting area, but there is a walk-in closet, a cable-connected, 23" flat-screen TV with integrated DVD player, a base unit for the three wireless phones and an internet router (LAN and wireless) housed in this room. Also, being on the front (North-West) side of the Villa, it is a bit darker in the mornings (for late sleepers).
2nd Master En Suite Bath

NOTE: This room has two doors, one to the 2nd bed room and the other to the hall so that it may also be used as a family/guest restroom, if desired.

Master  Bath Vanity
Master  Bath Vanity
In-Unit Laundry Center

Though small, this washer-dryer set is practically new and does a very good job while being relatively quiet in operation. The dryer vent hose to the roof was professionally vacuumed out recently. The laundry center sits in a closet in the alcove/hall off the living area and just outside the second bath (see floor plan below). The Laundry Center also houses a steam iron and two ironing boards (standard and table top).
Large, Corner Screened Porch

The Villa features a large, well-appointed, screened, carpeted, ground-floor patio with wonderful golf course and sunrise views.

This is a great place to relax with a drink in the evening or to have breakfast as the sun rises over the 10th fairway (just across the driving range). There is a 4-blade electric fan and light fixture overhead.

The table and chairs were new in August .
Screened porch view
Airy, Comfortable Screened Porch
Screened Porch Views

1) Angled to the left are the driving range tees (an occasional ball lands in your yard); very entertaining to watch. The Villa sits at about the 100 yard pin and has end -to-end views of the entire driving range, so you can follow all the balls.

2) Across the driving range is the 10th tee, fairway and water hazard (fair-sized lake) which golfers must hit their balls across (photo below).

3) The porch faces South-East, so the sunrise is a straight shot, just over the lake on the 10th fairway, and the colorful sunset light reflects brightly off the trees across the way.

All of this provides quite an entertaining show while you relax, in comfort, unseen by any of the golfers.
Driving Range
Driving range golfers can be very entertaining.
10th Tee & Water Hazard
Note the nice lake with 10th tee on the left (golf carts behind trees).

One very nice feature: you will have no one wandering around in your back yard (like on the fairways), except at 6-7 pm a couple times a week when machine comes down the range to pick up the balls or occasionally to cut the grass. The 10th fairway cart trail, where people do pass by, is about a 100 yards across the driving range. So, privacy and tranquility really abound here.

To aid in proper visualization of the Villa, we've also included this general floor plan
(these end units are larger than the other units in this resort).

Villa Floor Plan

NOTE: The Washer/Dryer (W/D) and HVAC locations are actually reversed from what this drawing indicates (W/D is just outside the 2nd bath) and the furnishings indicated in the drawing are not exact (see above for these).

We trust that this has provided you with a detailed and reasonably accurate picture of this great vacation accommodation.

NOTE: Because we are constantly updating and re-decorating,
the photos may not be an exact depiction of every detail, but will be very close.

If you haven't fallen in love with this Villa yet, then please review the other pages (Ocean Resort , Golf Resort, Attractions, Restaurants and Shopping, etc.) to get the whole picture. This really is a lovely, best-in-class, vacation spot.

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