Ocean Resort Features of Our Tidewater Villa

Although not specifically "ocean front," Tidewater is, nevertheless, a real Ocean Resort from which the Atlantic Ocean may actually be viewed/accessed. As Cherry Grove Beach's most prestigious address, it is recognized as an up scale resort within this wonderful ocean front town . The Tidewater Plantation actually owns/operates and ocean front property (called a "cabana") but is only accessible to the property owners, themselves. If you meet an owner while there, maybe they will invite you to join them at the Tidewater Beach Cabana. But, in CG, a beach cabana is really not important since direct ocean/beach access is available in every block (many with convenient parking right there, or just across an un-busy street) . As the northern most spit of land on the Grand Strand, there is little traffic (some golf carts) and no crowds. Since roads dead end at the Inlet (see photo below) there is little competition for space (on the beach, in parking lots or anywhere else). No other active beach community on the Grand Strand can say this.

So, just put your umbrella, sun screen and beach toys in the car for a scenic, 5-minute ride to your favorite spot to relax on the beach. Now the wide, sandy beach is completely protected by life guards from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every day (they do cover the inlet as well) in the Summer(not after Sept. ). Lifeguards are no longer "dual role" and do not rent beach chairs or umbrellas -- the only function of these lifeguards is beach safety. Do not try to swim near the two fishing piers as they will definitely chastise you for that. You are also not allowed to plant your "stuff" right in front of the lifeguard stands as they require easy, rapid access to the ocean waters if/when needed. The guards are friendly and allowed to carry on conversations with the vacationers and are usually quite knowledgeable of the area.

Link to a short video tour of Cherry Grove Beach (author unknown)

Cherry Grove Beach with its wide strip of soft, white sand and clean, blue Atlantic Ocean waters and lack of heavy crowds is a perfect vacation attraction.

There are very few high rise buildings here; most buildings are single family homes or very small condo organizations only two, or three, stories tall. This leads to a quiet "family beach" feel with almost no bright lights, crowding or crime.

Public access paths leading from Ocean Blvd. to the beach are available in just about every block. The one below is typical and just a few blocks walk from the inlet (see second photo below) .
View of Cherry Grove Beach
Beach Access Path Beach Front Cabana
Famous Cherry Grove Pier The Tidewater community has a fabulous, gated, Beachfront Cabana equipped with full kitchen, baths, indoor & outdoor showers, larged screened porch areas with tables and chairs, big wooden rocking chairs, an expansive outdoor deck and a view to die for (from pier to pier in Cherry Grove, and down the Grand Strand to well beyond Myrtle Beach); at night the lights along the coast are magical from here. Many events take place in the Cabana. Note that only Tidewater property owners can access this facility, but are allowed to bring guests, so make friends when you're there .

The famous Cherry Grove Pier (photo to left) holds many records for fish caught. Check out this Web Cam mounted on top of the structure on the end. You can watch, in real time, the fish being caught, action on the beach and dream about being there.
Cherry Grove's Hog Inlet
Great fishing here. If you really feel brave, swim across the channel to the semi-deserted island where exploring, shelling and horseback riding are great activities. Crossing near a slack, low tide is safest - watch out for boats. We love this place.

Lands-end for the Grand Strand is at Hog Inlet, a very special place indeed. It is never crowded (but has life guards in Summer), the fishing is extraordinarily productive with the narrow, deep channel (darker green color) on the northern wall, and there is a vast area of very shallow water (light green color) in which even toddlers can play safely. Shelling here is the best on the Grand Strand.

The map sbelow depicts the end section of Cherry Grove Beach up to the inlet. Tidewater is at the upper left, just across the marsh. Cherry Grove Map (partial)
Going East, when you "dead end" at the ocean (at Ocean Blvd.), instead of turning left into our quiet Cherry Grove Beach you can just as easily turn right and go about a mile into the lively Ocean Drive Section of North Myrtle Beach. There, you will find more "action" such as a pavilion, amusement park, many varied restaurants, more serious shopping, all the Shag havens, lights, noise and people.

And, if you like, you can just continue going south along Ocean Blvd. to/through other beach communities such as Windy Hill and Crescent Beach with their varied attractions and beach cultures (each exhibits its own character).

Myrtle Beach, 15-20 minutes to the South along the Grand Strand,
has more, more and even more of every kind of attraction you could want
in an exciting vacation spot -- except peace and tranquility.
The "grand daddy" of the Grand Strand, of course, is Myrtle Beach itself. What can we say in so little space about that place? You'd be crazy to miss it (memories are made here), but if you really want a relaxing vacation, you'd also be crazy to stay there. Much like New York, it's a city that never sleeps -- at least in Summer -- with tremendous attractions, shopping, restaurants . . . and crowds . . . and lights . . . and noise . . . and even in a few corners, some unsavory stuff, too -- if that's your thing.

We go there for shopping at the big Malls and Outlets, for world-class entertainment, special restaurants, for hanging out at Broadway at the Beach and for the many varied amusement parks and attractions when younger family is with us, and for numerous other reasons. However, we're always happy to get back to Cherry Grove for some peace and tranquility. Myrtle Beach can be a whole lot of fun, but the action is also exhausting down there.

Beyond that, but still close, there's another 30-miles of Grand Strand beaches, inlets, unique vacation communities and attractions streaming to the South of Myrtle (Brookgreen Guardens, Murrels Inlet, etc.) going all the way down to Pawleys Island (a visit in itself). Then, there's Georgetown, an interesting old sea port, and just a little over an hour down the road, you'll enjoy beautiful, historic Charleston, with all its charms.

Going the other way, just minutes to the North, you'll find the famous Calabash (seafood) community and the great NC beaches just beyond; then on to Wilmington, which is under an hour away. Along the Grand Strand, it would take years to do/see everything. You will not be dissapointed in either the accomodations or the strategic loction of the beautiful Tidewater Plantation.